McCann . Art Director . 2011 – 2012


Every year MasterCard is on the look out for a new crop of interns. But there is fierce competition for the best.


Many undergrad students take themselves and their work placements very seriously. They’re willing to put in time and effort to pursue amazing work experiences like MasterCard’s summer internship positions. And to make sure our applicants are qualified, MasterCard will require basic familiarity with the current marketing and business landscape.


Our application process begins the moment students interact with our posters or online spaces. We’ll use QR Codes, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter to make sure we find the most qualified and in-touch interns.

How it worked.

QR Codes, short URLS and hashtags on the posters take applicants to a mobile site that lets them find out more about the internship and asks them to ‘Like’ our Facebook Page. Liking the MasterCard Canada page reveals the internship description and the next step in the application process on Linked In. Students can go to our Linked In job posting and leverage their profile to apply. On their application, they can attach a hard copy of their CV , their creative submission or a link to their creative piece. Finally, once the application is complete, students have to follow MasterCard on Twitter to find out if they’ve made our interview short list.

CMA Gold, DMA Silver, Featured in Applied Arts

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