Sapient . Art Director . 2014


Harley had a new bike. But not just any new bike. An extremely secret project that would totally change the way people see Harley Davidson.


Harley Davidson fans are very active and hungry for info on new bikes.


We will use the power of the fanbase to reveal the new bike and share it out to world.

Light it up.

The new Harley was electric. Our idea was to create a physical space for the bike and surround it with lightbulbs. At first these lights would be turned off, so you wouldn’t be able to see the bike at all. Our fanbase has the power to switch them on. Pick a light, share it, turn it on and get one step closer to seeing this new Harley.

The microsite is a essentially a live-feed of the bike surrounded by the lights. You can change the camera and turn on a light by sharing it. There's also a countdown to a tease. This tease might be the bike being turned on, or turning on the headlights. Once all the lights are on we populate the site with photos, videos, specs and an opportunity to see the bike in person.