McCann . Art Director . 2007 – 2012

I cut my teeth working on GM. General Motors Canada had one of the biggest platforms on the internet, it featured 8 brands, dozens of programs and tools and hundreds of pages. For 5 years I worked to maintain, design, redesign and build digital work for General Motors. Here are 3 pieces of featured work.


GM had a lot riding on the Cruze. A huge amount of R&D, engineering, design and testing went into this small car.


Canada has some of the most extreme climates and weather shifts in the world. For a car to survive here, it needs to be built specifically for it.


The Chevrolet has been proven around the world and now it’s ready to take on Canada.

Chevrolet Cruze – Proven.

Our idea for the Cruze is to show the work that GM had put in to prove that it's the best car out there and then showcase it for Canadians. The website featured a full documentary about the build and testing on one side and a music video that showcased all the features on the other. This was all video and real photography, no cgi. Even the 360 was created with real images from around the world.

FWA Site of the Day, DMA Gold, DMA Silver, Featured in Applied Arts

Here is the case study that focuses on the digital work that we created. We also were part of the bigger team that created the concept for the whole launch.

Here is the full documentary that we produced for the vehicle.

We created a separate iPad app for the Cruze


GM wanted to target the Chevrolet Sonic to a younger audience.


With unlimited access to collective property, this new generation can create totally new ideas by mixing existing ones together in a fresh way.


With global engineering and European-inspiration, performance tuning, and 21st Century technology, Sonic truly is a world-mixed, fun-mastered subcompact.

Chevrolet Sonic – Mixed and Mastered.

The idea behind the Chevrolet Sonic launch is that it's mixed and mastered just like a DJ would mix several tracks together to create something new. In the case of the Sonic, it's a small car that's been mixed with the blood of a corvette. It's an entry vehicle that still has all the latest tech. It's fun to drive and cheap on gas. Our site took this idea and created the ultimate mixing board to create your Sonic. 

We created a unique tablet experience. Spin the records to navigate the site.

Here's the overview of the Sonic launch. We worked collaboratively with the team that created the TV and outdoor to come up with the idea for the campaign.


The CTS Coupe has everything that the standard CTS has, it’s just a whole lot better looking.


As the sexier CTS, it’s likely just as vane as the people who want one.


Let’s build on the vanity and use it show off everything the CTS Coupe has to offer.

Cadillac CTS Coupe – Reflections.

The site for the this Cadillac explores its two competing sides. One side is the science behind its power. The other side is the art of this beauty. At any point in the site the user can switch sides and angles of the vehicle to get the full story.

Featured in Applied Arts


Here's a video of the transitions that were created for the experience.