McCann . Art Director . 2011 – 2012


GM wanted to target the Chevrolet Sonic to a younger audience.


With unlimited access to collective property, this new generation can create totally new ideas by mixing existing ones together in a fresh way.


With global engineering and European-inspiration, performance tuning, and 21st Century technology, Sonic truly is a world-mixed, fun-mastered subcompact.

Mixed and Mastered.

The idea behind the Chevrolet Sonic launch is that it's mixed and mastered just like a DJ would mix several tracks together to create something new. In the case of the Sonic, it's a small car that's been mixed the blood of a corvette. It's an entry level vehicle that still has all the latest tech. It's fun to drive and cheap on gas. Our site took this idea and created the ultimate mixing board to create your Sonic. 

We created a unique tablet experience. Spin the records to navigate the site.

Here's the overview of the Sonic launch. We worked collaboratively with the team that created the TV and outdoor to come up with the idea for the campaign.