McCann . Art Director . 2012


30 Hour Famine has been a major fundraising tool for World Vision for several decades. Although it has a long history, larger, more modern youth oriented fundraising events have started to over-shadow it. 30 Hour Famine needs to stay fresh and really inspire kids to participate.


The idea of the event is great for kids, they get together with their friends and play games. Unfortunately, the fundraising idea becomes more of a barrier than a opportunity. Leading to lack of participation and not hitting their fundraising goals.


Make fundraising a game and show them just how the donations they raise grow into wonderful things.

Introducing the Faminals.

They are a cute and fun representation of the donations that you are raising to end child suffering. You help them grow, you feed them, you take care of them and in turn they help children in third world countries.

We start with an introduction. Posters in schools and churches introducing the program and enticing the kids to go online and start their own donation page.

The donation page is the hub. This is where you get to see your faminal grow and learn about all the good that it’s doing around the world. It’s also where you can collect donations online.

It makes sense that your faminal makes an appearance at the event. Custom t-shirts with your faminal show everyone how you’ve helped raise money.